To meet customers' expectations with respect to product quality, cost, delivery, and value-added services.


To satisfy customers' requirements by being pro-active and flexible;

To focus on continuous improvement to manufacture quality products at a competitive price.

To impress customers with fine credit and honesty;

Quality System

We have set up specialized inspection mechanism, fitted out advanced physical & chemical analysis and quality testing equipment & instruments, established sufficient and suitable quality inspection procedures, with strict inspection standard for the whole process from admission of raw materials to final release of finished products from plant. An on-site inspection mechanism has been established to implement online inspection, so that defects and rejects can be eliminated in the course of mould making, core making, melting and pouring of the casting.

In this way, no disqualified raw materials can be admitted to plant, no disqualified items of a previous procedure can go into the next one, and no disqualified products can be released from plant, so quality of products are effectively ensured. Continuing statistical process control and process capability improvement is applied for all products manufacturing process.

Our commitment and continuous effort in improving product quality has established our image as a high quality manufacturer and supplier.

We aim to be world class, committed to customer satisfaction & to encourage the spirit of leadership amongst our dedicated team by creating a healthy environment for continuous growth, profit and prosperity.